Vinson Guard Services

Your business. Secured.

Your business is a valuable industry player in the Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, etc. You need to secure your business interests, staff, facilities, and assets.

You need a team of security professionals to provide high quality service allowing you to focus on your core business and on serving your clients.

You need Vinson Guard Service, Inc.

Value Delivered

There are many Private Security Providers from which to choose. VINSON is the best because we collaborate with our clients to deliver value based on their needs. Let us do the same for you.

● Customer-driven collaboration to customize the security program and protocols
● Site-specific training and field supervision programs
● Strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies
● Systems-enabled programs and audits via WinTeam(™) and SilverTrac(™)
● Rigorous pre-hire screening enabled by Kwantek
● VINSON team members are local to your market

Services We Provide

Uniformed Security Professionals

Whether posted in a guard shack at a plant or the security desk of a residential tower, a uniformed, Vinson Security Officer is the best physical control to protect your staff, business, and assets. Our staff is professional, appropriately equipped, and trained to deliver excellent service.

VINSON security officers undergo thorough pre-hire screening and comprehensive pre-deployment training programs delivered by VINSON’s staff of certified trainers to insure that they meet our quality standards and applicable federal, state and local requirements. We also cross-train our Managers, Supervisors and Security Officers on your post orders to provide seamless service to our clients.

Patrol Services

Your facility, job site, or residential development may require a patrol for proper security. VINSON offers a variety of patrol options and patrol vehicles to do the job. In addition to foot patrol, we have a livery of patrol vehicles (including SUVs, bicycles, and electrics) ready for deployment to your site. Our patrol officers are equipped with mobile devices powered by SilverTrac™ using real-time GPS to monitor rounds, adhere to service level agreements, and track incidents.

Industries We Serve

Vinson Guard Service, Inc. teams service hundreds of clients spanning a dozen industrial sectors throughout the Gulf Coast and southeastern United States. Key sectors we serve are:
● Financial Services
● Petrochemical
● Retail
● Residential
● Hospitality
● Healthcare