Christine Vinson Attends W.A.D. Board Meeting

Christine Vinson, President of Vinson Guard Service, Inc., is attending the World Association of Detectives mid-term meeting in Miami South Beach this week. As a third generation past president and a current Ex-Officio Past President Board Member with voting rights, Christine will be actively involved in the meeting as they conduct general business of the association.

Christine’s grandfather (and founder of VINSON), Joseph D. Vinson, Sr., served as President of W.A.D. for the 1982-1983 term. Christine’s father (and past president of VINSON), J.D. Vinson, Jr., followed suit and served as W.A.D. President for the 2005-2006 term. Christine was honored to follow the footsteps of her father and grandfather by serving as W.A.D. President for 2013-2014.

The World Association of Detectives is the longest established and largest association of its kind in the world. It was formed to: promote and maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of private investigator or security service; select for membership only those individuals whose personal and professional backgrounds and business affiliations have strictly observed the precepts of truth, accuracy and prudence; eliminate unreliable, incompetent and irresponsible members of the profession; foster and perpetuate a spirit of cooperation among its members and with all those engaged in law enforcement; and further and establish a mutual feeling of trust, goodwill and friendship among agencies throughout the world.

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Pictured is Christine Vinson, President of VINSON, with fellow past presidents Robert Heales and Rockne Cooke.