Security Services

Our Approach

Your business is a valuable member of the retail, financial services, manufacturing, or any of a host of industries. You need to secure your business interests, staff, facilities, and assets.

You need a team of security professionals to provide high quality service allowing you to focus on your core business and on serving your customers.

You need Vinson Guard Service, Inc.

Services We Provide

Industries We Serve

Vinson Guard Service, Inc. teams service hundreds of clients spanning a dozen industrial sectors throughout the Gulf Coast and Southeastern United States.

Value Delivered

There are many Private Security Providers from which to choose. We at VINSON pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to deliver value based on their needs. Let us do the same for you.


Site-specific training and field supervision programs


Systems-enabled programs and audits via WinTeam™ and electronic reporting


Client-driven collaboration to customize the security program and protocols


Strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies


Security programs incorporate real-time monitoring of security teams and facility posts

Local Teams

VINSON team members are based in local branch offices and are rigorously screened pre-hire via Kwantek™