VINSON Adds Patient Watch Service

According to the CDC, there were 5.7 million visits to emergency departments with mental disorders as the primary diagnosis in 20151.

People with mental health ailments rely more on the emergency department for treatment and are more often admitted to the hospital from the ER than physically ill patients2.

The most severely ill psychiatric patients typically spent more time in the ER3. Patients with depression, bipolar disorder, or psychosis and those diagnosed with multiple mental health ailments were more likely to be held in the emergency room for longer than 24 hours2.

With sheriff’s deputies as high as $60/hour4, and ER nurses costing as much as $58.88/hour5 (with overhead), VINSON can watch your patients for a fraction of the price. Vinson Guard Service, Inc. is now offering patient watch services to assist our strained emergency departments. By allowing emergency staff to focus solely on emergency care, there will be:

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